Happy Birthday Kendrick Lamar Duckworth #HipHop #HipHopHeads #WestCoast #BlackHippie
Today is one of the Greatest days in Hip Hop. Today marks the 20th anniversary of one of the Greatest Hip Hop albums of All Time Illmatic. From Queensbridge, NY Nasir “Nas” Jones with his raw lyrical style and production from DJ Premier, Large Professor, Pete Rock, and Q-Tip Illmatic would become an instant classic. With tracks like “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”, “The World is Yours”, “One Love”, “N.Y. State of Mind” This album would stand the test of time. On a personal note I can’t go a whole day without listening to this album adleast once, thats how much this album means to me. From one Queens kid to another Congratulation and Thank you @nasnyc for this masterpiece. #Nas #Queensbridge #Queens #QueensBirthsGreatness #HipHop #HipHopHeads #NYHiphop #NYC #NyAllDay
It a bitter sweet day for hip hop. Today not only do we celebrate the born day of Terrance “Mr. Cheeks” Kelly, but today also marks 15 years since we lost Raymond “Freaky Tah” Rodgers. Both were members of South Jamaica Queens group The Lost Boyz. Happy Birthday Mr. Cheeks and R.I.P. Freaky Tah, 15 years since we lost you but your still here spiritually. #Queens #QueensBoys #QYork #Southside #RIPFreakyTah #HipHop #HipHopHeads #90sHiphop
These “Christmas in Hollis” @adidasoriginals are so dope. I really want a pair of these. @officialrundmc @revwon @kingdmc #ChristmasinHollis #Queens #QueensBoys #QueensBirthsGreatness
Today 9 years ago we lost one of the illest and best Emcees. One of the founding members of Wu Tang Clan, The one who said “Wu for the Kids” R.I.P. Russell Jones aka O.D.B. aka Ason Unique aka Osirus aka The Specialist aka Dirt McGirt aka Big Baby Jesus aka Ol’ Dirty Chinese Restaurant. @youngdirtybastardwutangclan  your Dad would be proud of you for keeping his legacy alive. #RIPODB #OlDirtyBastard #WuTangClan #Wufordakids #WuTangForever #Shaolin #BrooklynZoo #90sHiphop #HipHop
A lil something I made over the summer to celebrate today. #20yearsofWu #WuTangClan #HipHop #HipHopHeads #90sHiphop
Today is one of the greastest days in hip hop. 20 years ago today both of these classics drop on the same day. A Tribe Called Quest third album Midnight Marauders and Wu Tang Clan’s debut album Enter the Wu Tang 36 Chambers. With songs such as Electric Relaxation, Award Tour, Steve Biko, 8 million stories, and Midnight Tribe’s was bound to be a classic. Now while tribe had a  positive soulful, jazz style music, The Wu Tang coming out of Shaolin(Staten Island) brought 9 different styles of pure new york street hip hop with Songs like CREAM, Protect ya Neck, Can It all Be so Simple, Da Mystery of Chessboxin, and Wu Tang Clan aint nuttin to Fuck wit. The RZA,The GZA, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Raekwon The Chief, Inspectah Deck, U God, Ghostface Killah, Masta Killa, and Method Man, would then go on to individual careers but always came back together to make classics as a Clan. #ATribeCalledQuest #MidnightMarauders #Queens #WuTangClan #EnterTheWuTang36Chambers #shaolinstyle #20yearsofWu #HipHop #HipHopHeads #90sHiphop